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Avoiding the Domino Effect As disaster recovery moves to center stage, carriers embrace the SAN extension market as an alternative to transporting data to off-site locations. Replicating data to another site is an important part of an insurance policy for business continuity. Sam Masud tells us more. Click HERE>>

SOA Compliance Costs an Average of $5 Million
Now that Monday's deadline for companies to comply with the SOA has passed, a new study says large companies have spent an average of $5.1 million dollars in compliance costs. Click HERE>>

Defibrillator Recall Causes Dilemma
To shelve or not to shelve is the question facing emergency response teams after a defibrillator manufacturer shuts down amid a recall of the potentially life saving devices. Click HERE>>

FEMA Inspectors Face Review in Florida
As Florida received close to $1 billion in hurricane relief, auditors have begun an inquiry to decide if FEMA was on the right track in shelling out funds to the storm-ravaged state. Click HERE>>

DHS Develops Security Clearance Database
Officials may be able to obtain critical security clearance at the touch of a button, as the DHS works to develop a single security clearance database. Will it help ease security hassles? Click HERE>>

Cybersecurity Ranks to Double by 2008
A new study is suggesting the number of IT security professionals worldwide will double by 2008. Does this mean companies are taking cybersecurity more seriously? Click HERE>>

The Bell Tolls for San Francisco's Air Raid Sirens
The old air-raid sirens that have sounded across SF every Tuesday since WW II will be no more, as the city works toward implementing a state-of-the-art emergency warning system. Click HERE>>

FedEx Custom Critical... Nonstop or door-to-door service, with same- or next-day delivery. Available 24/7/365, utilizing our trucking fleet for surface-expedited service. Air options are also offered. Click HERE>>

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"Share the Wealth"...Industry Organizations Update Click HERE>>

PPI Now Offers Habitaflex, the New Foldable Home
Habitaflex™ has partnered with PPI Modular Structures, Inc. to provide a folding, transportable housing/office concept that is unique in all the world! These units are ideal as a temporary office or home, fishing or hunting camp, ski shelter, country house, cottage, or garden pavilion. The home unit can have two bedrooms, a bathroom with shower, a functional kitchen and a living room. All units have electric heating, and the water and electrical systems are built into the walls. The units are fully operational, meaning you can move in on the day it's delivered! Simply activate the unit's ingenious system of crank handles and watch as it unfolds effortlessly into a spacious home or office. Habitaflex™ units are built entirely in factory, in ideal conditions and from materials selected specifically for their durability and attractive features. For more, please visit

New Technical Support Manager for Icom America Inc.
Bellevue, WA - Icom America welcomes Mr. Rodney Grim as a new Technical Support Manager. In his new position, Rodney oversees a staff of 6 experienced Technical Support Representatives, and Icom America's Land Mobile Training Staff. Additionally, Rodney will be involved in new Land Mobile product development. Rodney is well suited to his new position. His interests in communications run deep, having earned a ham radio license (WA7ZIA) when he was 15 years old. Rodney is an avid boater. For 4 years, he worked on a 125 ft motor sailor for the NSF, and he's combined his amateur radio hobby with boating for much longer. Of course, Rodney has a large amount of experience with maritime communications, and he's well versed with HF at-sea operations and set-up. Visit ICOM's website at:

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