How to Submit an Article

Disaster Resource GUIDE • Continuity e-GUIDE • Online GUIDE

The Disaster Resource GUIDE was launched in 1996 with a mission to consolidate, integrate and communicate information and resources for emergency management and business continuity. Our readers are practitioners and executives who have business continuity, emergency management, and/or homeland security responsibilities in the public sector and all industries of the private sector.

We are seeking articles with depth and substance that identify issues and provide solutions in one of our six content categories:

  • Planning & Management
  • Human Concerns
  • Information Availability & Security
  • Telecom & Satcom
  • Facility Issues
  • Crisis Communications & Response

Article topics might include lessons learned from real events, emerging trends, technical issues & threats, as well as research and development.

There are opportunities to publish in the upcoming Disaster Resource GUIDE, the weekly Continuity e-GUIDE and the Online GUIDE. Articles chosen for the annual GUIDE will have “shelf life” and relevance for 12-18 months.

In 400 words or less, please describe your proposed article using the following questions as a guide.

  • To whom is the article targeted? (i.e., those new to the industry, executives, etc.)
  • In which content category does your article fit?
  • What is the “big idea” of your article? Provide a conceptual outline.
  • Why should your topic be covered? What is its relevance to our readers?
  • What statistics and research will you use to support your ideas?
  • How will the article provide practical solutions?
  • What are your qualifications to write on this topic?
  • Does the article relate to a product or service?


  • The Disaster Resource GUIDE publishes editorial written in a straightforward style characteristic of business-to-business periodicals (i.e., Forbes, CFO, CIO, etc.) versus editorial published in educational journals.
  • All articles published will be copyrighted by the Disaster Resource GUIDE.

All submissions must be submitted via email.