Information Availability & Security
10 Questions to Ask When Choosing an IT Alerting Vendor
September 2016 | Administrator
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10 QUESTIONS TO ASK WHEN CHOOSING AN IT ALERTING VENDOR By Tommy Rainey Which IT alerting solution is right for you? When dealing with critical IT outages time is of the essence and rapid communication plays a major role in minimizing the imp [ ... ]

IT Complexity and the Risk of IT Failure
July 2016 | Administrator
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IT Complexity and the Risk of IT Failure By Jon Toigo For the past few years, the unabashed enthusiasm around clouds, virtualization and software-defined everything has led to some unfortunate side effects.  One is the suspension of disbelief [ ... ]

The Role of Senior Management and Your Technology and Information Security Department In A Cyber Breach Exercise
April 2016 | Regina Phelps
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  The Role of Senior Management and Your Technology and Information Security Department In A Cyber Breach Exercise There are two things you must have in place before you begin planning a cyber breach exercise to ensure that the exercise will go  [ ... ]

Data Breaches: How To Protect Corporate Reputation And The Bottom Line
February 2016 | Administrator

Expert Interview with Oliver S. Schmidt -- Managing Partner, C4CS, LLC   1. How do you define a data breach, and what industries and companies are affected by data breaches? We define a data breach as the intentional or unintentional access, disclosure, or acquisition of sens [ ... ]

Migrating to Windows 10? Back It Up First!
November 2015 | Jon Toigo

  If you are like me, your office life probably extends into your home, where you not only do some of your office work but also support the computing requirements of your children, spouse and pets. So, while it is nice to get the occasional freebie from your software vendor – [ ... ]

Preparation Before Developing a Cyber Security Incident Response Program
October 2015 | Dr. Michael C. Redmond, PhD

  A Cyber Incident Response Program allows an organization to respond with speed and agility, while empowering businesses to maintain continuous operations. A good program with a documented plan and playbooks can also reduce revenue loss, reduce fines and lawsuits, and protects [ ... ]

The Growing Issue of Cybersecurity and Resilience of the Power Grid
September 2015 | Chloe Demrovsky

  No one can deny that the tech revolution has impacted the nation and created the type of market innovation that stimulates economic growth. By allowing start-ups with small amounts of seed capital to challenge established giants, technology has unleashed innovation that has h [ ... ]