Gone Fishing

No matter how secure you think your network is, there's always a way in. That was the lesson recently learned by a North American casino, which found itself a victim of an attack when hackers were able to find their way in via the casino's fish tank, according to CNN. Connected to the Internet to allow for automatic feeding of the fish and regulation of their environment, the tank represented an entry point from which other areas of the network could be accessed. Although the threat was eventually discovered, some data was still transferred back to a device in Finland before communications were shut down. Noted Justin Fier, director for cyber intelligence and analysis at Darktrace, which first reported the attack, "Someone used the fish tank to get into the network, and once they were in the fish tank, they scanned and found other vulnerabilities and moved laterally to other places in the network."

With the number of Internet connected devices increasing rapidly, and with security for these devices often not being updated regularly, these sort of attacks are likely to continue to grow. Fier observed this is a reasonable outcome to expect as "In the current cyber climate with political and corporate espionage, I think you're going to start to see attackers, whether nationstate or criminal, having to get more creative in their attack vectors."