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Each disaster situation presents its own unique challenges. It is best to be prepared and have a plan in case disaster strikes. Here, one of the leaders in emergency feedings outlines the five biggest challenges often faced in disaster relief and how to overcome them. Click HERE>>

  • The GPG Lite now available as a free download
    The BCI offers a high level overview of the Good Practice Guidelines. Known as the 'GPG Lite' this is a popular document for anyone interested in BC and the good practices shared by practitioners from around the world. The GPG Lite is free: download here.
  • FM Global Index: 10 Countries Most Vulnerable to Supply Chain Disruption
    The new index from FM Global ranks the Dominican Republic, Venezuela and Kyrgyzstan as the most vulnerable to supply chain disruption. Read on for more stats. Click HERE>>
  • FR Mental Health Training in the Spotlight after Two Recent Police Shootings
    How well are first responders being trained to handle individuals with mental health issues, particularly someone who is in crisis as a result of mental illness? Click HERE>>
  • Heard about Evernote’s DDoS Hit? Here’s What You Need to Know and Do Now:
    This huge cyberattack is making news, and for good reason. Read on for details and for three business steps you should take to reduce your chance of a DDoS attack. Click HERE>>
  • Want to Invest in Climate Resilience Right Now? Here are 4 Ways to Do It
    Via a blog, landscape architects Gina Ford and Jason Hellendrung of Sasaki Associates share four ways cities can invest in climate resilience. Click HERE>>
  • Would We Go to War Over Facebook? How Far Would We Go In Its Defense?
    Crazy as it sounds, with cyberwarfare growing it’s a question worth considering. But is a real-world response to a cyberattack ever justifiable? If so, when? Click HERE>>
  • What Happens to CEOs When Their Companies Get Hacked? Target’s was Fired
    Can you be fired if your company is hacked? This piece takes a look at what happened at Target and offers some helpful info for CEOs and their teams. Click HERE>>

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Comprehensive BCM Program template is a complete program for business that includes advice for all development. Planning can be extremely overwhelming... But this template makes it easy for you! Standard language enables quick review. Click HERE>>

Get Ready BIG Time! With the “Office Kit on Wheels-20” you’ll have all the items you need to ensure your office is prepared for any disaster. Packed in a 50 gallon container on wheels, it provides coverage for up to 20 employees. Click HERE>>

DRJ Fall World 2014 Sep. 7-10: San Diego, CA. Incredibly high ROI. More than 40 sessions, workshops and courses, as well as networking events and meals. The world's largest conference dedicated to business continuity and disaster recovery. Click HERE>>

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DRI International Announces New Leadership
New York, NY – DRI International is proud to announce the promotion of Chloe Demrovsky to Executive Director, with overall responsibility for all operations and planning for DRI International, and Traci O’Neal to Senior Director of Operations, a newly-created position that will integrate the reporting of all domestic services and logistical support. Founded in 1988, DRI International is a non-profit organization with a mission to make the world prepared. Click HERE>>

The Road to Ready Radio Show with Rick Tobin Has Returned
It features an expert in the main topic each week. But, they’ve also added new segments like “Up North” to talk about Canadian emergency readiness. There’s also an interview, often, in “On Your Six” for veterans trying to reenter the civilian work force in public safety. Two other new areas covered are ‘The Road to Innovation’ for interesting and useful technologies, and ‘School’s Out’ to include ideas to make education institutions safer. Click HERE>>

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