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The GUIDE is the most comprehensive source for crisis/emergency management and business continuity information. The online DISASTER RESOURCE GUIDE is set up to help you find information, vendors, organizations and many resources to help you prepare for (mitigate) or recover from any type of natural or other type of disaster. The GUIDE will help you keep your business running, your government agency operational, no matter what!
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In 2016 BCM software options can be overwhelming. The right software can add tremendous value to your BC program. But, how to choose? This spotlight includes a features matrix in 14 categories with 168 criteria plus BCM solutions from four industry leaders. Click HERE>>.

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Have you gotten the special edition of the Disaster Resource GUIDE titled: IT Incident Response & Communication? This edition focuses on what you can do NOW to prepare for a cyberattack or breach. It’s not a question of “If it happens…” but “When it happens”! This special edition is sponsored by Everbridge and contains articles from a longtime GUIDE author, Regina Phelps, and the Publisher, Tommy Rainey, and other industry experts. Get your copy here.

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Integrated recovery management is a proven strategy for achieving the recoverability requirements of business managers while lowering IT and recovery costs across the organization and provide insight, protection and assurance related to critical enterprise data. For the White Paper, click HERE>>

The Three Pillars of Trust
Adopting a New Service Architecture for Trusted Transactions with Government on the Internet
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Interoperable Mission Critical Broadband/Narrowband Solution for Public Safety Communications
The need for anytime, anywhere access to information has extended from the general public to the public safety community. The growing requirement for secure access to data intensive resources is driving the demand for a nationwide public safety broadband network. For the White Paper, click HERE>>

The “Gotchas” of Backup and Recovery
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